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In Memory Of

Robert Marcel Morin


Feb. 22, 1952 - Feb. 17, 2014


Some would say that Bob "Roadrunner" Morin was a common man, but considering the measure of a common man these days, he was much more.


Bob was devoted to his family. He cherished his wife Norma, his sons T.J. and Danny, counted their wives as daughters and loved his grandchildren Taylor and Ali.


He was a countryman and a veteran serving in the US Army during the Vietnam War. He was a public servant, serving his community as a motor officer with the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office. He was forced into retirement by his health but even then Bob did not give up.


He joined the Jacksonville Chapter of the Defenders MC in Nov. 2010 and from the first day he was a true brother. He was always there when the club needed him. Always with a joke or a wise remark, he lived each day for his family, his friends and his fellow man.


A common man? No, I think not. I would say extraordinary.


We are grateful for having known you; our lives are better for it. You will be missed.


Rest well brother, until we meet again in another life.


RR Wreath

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