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Our Philosophy

We are a fraternal motorcycle club for active and retired law enforcement, with limited provisions for membership by emergency services, military, and public safety professionals.

Our goal is to promote solidarity and brotherhood through the sport of motorcycling. Our commitments are to each other, our families and our communities.

We reflect a positive image within our communities and we like it that way.

If you're in one of the above listed professions, and you share our philosophy, commitment, and passion for motorcycles, then contact us, and find out about membership, or even starting a chapter in your own community.

Our History


Born out of brotherhood, the Jacksonville Chapter of the Defenders Law Enforcement motorcycle Club came into being when a handful of friends began riding together in early 2006. After a couple of months we considered that it might be nice if we could identify ourselves as a group. With that in mind, the search was on to find the "right" group.

After searching the internet and scouring countless Law Enforcement motorcycle club websites, we had all but given up. We next explored the process for starting our own MC, quickly realizing that such an endeavor would almost surely require legal counsel and establishing ourselves with the OMGs.

Not yet resolved to undertake such a task, we turned again to the internet, seeking the site we must have overlooked. After what seemed to be months we had pretty much given up when we stumbled across the Defenders MC National website.

The club at that time consisted of less than 200 members and only four chapters, all of which were in south Florida. Reading their Philosophy and Bylaws it became evident that we had found a group that mirrored our values and beliefs.

After another month of planning and communication, the National Board dispatched a delegation of representatives to explore our suitability to become Defenders and, barring any reservations, commission a new chapter.

That afternoon, nine prospective members from the Jacksonville area met with the delegation and immediately formed life-long friendships. Following an evening of food, drink, entertainment, and engaging conversation, we resolved to meet the following morning for breakfast before getting to the business of chartering a new chapter.

On November 5, 2006, the Jacksonville Chapter was commissioned as the 5th chapter of the Defenders MC, Inc. Since that day, the club has added chapters at the rate of five chapters per year, more than tripling its membership.

Today, the Jacksonville Chapter continues to grow, adding not just members but brothers and life-long friends to its rolls.  If you believe you share our philosophies and commitment, I encourage you to seek out additional information posted on this site, and register with us on our Home page.  Registration will add you to our mailing list, which will provide you with up-to-date club meetings, events, rides, and information.


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