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Don't see a chapter in your area?

Well, you have a couple of options. You can:

  • Contact the chapter closest to you to seek membership.
  • Contact the National Board to inquire about starting a chapter in your area.
  • Keep surfing the net and settle for something less.

Starting a chapter is not as daunting a task as it may seem. The National Board has gone to great lengths to provide the most comprehensive information possible to assure the success of all future chapters.


So, what do I need to get started?

Commitment. Aside from integity, this is the one thing we look for in all of our prospects, commitment to family, friends, duty, and country. Oh yeah, you will also need six friends, comrades, partners, prospective members (seven counting yourself), call them what you want, at least one of which must be an active Law Enforcement Officer and three others who must be active or retired Law Enforcement Officers to fill the majority of seats on the Chapter Executive Board. Take care in choosing your membership, as these are the people who will become your surrogate family.


The Defenders are selective about who they bring into the club. No charter will take place without a meet-and-greet to get to know the caliber of people soliciting membership. All will have to complete an application and submit to a background investigation, so choose your prospective Executive Board and membership with that in mind. It is not that we think ourselves any better than anybody else, but rather that we don't want to have to worry about how we are being represented in the community. Once you strap on our colors, you not only represent our club but all of Law Enforcement across the nation.


Okay, that wasn't too hard, now what?

Now you need to get into the website. Read and become familiar with our bylaws and code of conduct. Discuss the requirements of membership amongst yourselves and make sure your prospective members don't have any issues with taking an oath to abide by and support them. Understand that like the gospel, you must accept it entirely or not at all.

Download, complete, and collect the application forms. Once you have finished this you are ready to contact the National Board. Now starts the negotiations, planning and correspondance to set an amicable date and time for all of your folks to meet with all of our folks. That's right, they all have to be there. No-one becomes a member by proxy.

Once you have your stand-up date in hand, National will dispatch a delegation of representatives. Your folks will receive a OMG brief to ensue they know what they are getting into. Motorcycling is more than just riding a bike, it is a culture within a culture, and before you step in it with both feet you better know what you're doing. Membership is more than putting some cool patches on your vest and going for a motorcycle ride with your firends. There's a great deal of significance, entitlement and responsibility that come with those patches.

Assuming no glaring flaws of character are discovered, your prospective members don't flee in disbelief and terror following the OMG brief, and your checks don't bounce, the National Board will convene a commissioning ceremony and you will be well on your way to becoming the next chapter of the Defenders Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club.



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